Thursday at 6:00 PM

Divadlo NUDE: Passsage 5

entry: 7 € / 5 € reduced

Text: collective, direction and dramaturgy V. Malgot, L. Ondrušová, J. Smokoňová , costumes and set design L. Štorcelová , Video J. Mydla , movement supervision M. Heriban, music cooperation M. Uhliarik, Účinkujú L. Ondrušová, M. Ryšavá, P. Tilajčík


The auteur’s play focuses on the themes of aging and old age. Why does the term “old age” evoke fear? Is it difficult to be old? Is it painful? When does one have to start saving money for old age? Already? “Old age is sometimes good, and it is the best if nothing hurts, when there are children around, and when nobody is angry with you” Magdaléna, 84 year old.

entry: 7 € / 5 € reduced