Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Oberhausen on tour 2021: Art and Experiment

entry: 4 € / 3 € zľavnené

Wednesday / 20.00 / Kino inak A4 / 4 € / 3 €

various authors, various languages, English subtitles

The selection of films from the International festival of short films Oberhausen – screened exclusively in Kino Inak in A4 – presents the works by some of the most interesting creators currently active on the art and film scene. While Jayne Parker created a sensual hommage for the flower Amaryllis via her film Amaryllis – A study, in which it seems that the inner piston and rods swim in a red sea; Ann Oren deals with the borders between human an animal and fictitious gender roles (and overcoming them) in her piece Passage. Junkerhaus offers a fragmentary vision of an interior of a building in which architecture, furniture and ornaments melt into one. All three films were originally shot on 16mm. Milenina píseň is a film about a churchman who had found his own way of practising religion in the shadow of the institutional hierarchy. I Am the People_I examines the relationship between industrial production and social development while questioning traditional ways of perception.

entry: 4 € / 3 € zľavnené