Sunday at 8:00 PM

Out in Force

entry: 4 € / 2 € tickets

directed by Martin Mareček, Czech Republic, 2021, 92 min, Czech language 

Sunday / 20.00 / Kino inak A4 / 4 € / 2 €


How should male strength look in the 21st century? Kamil Fila is a father, film publicist and a defender of progressive values and gender equality. While in the online space he presents himself as a tireless discusser and fighter for justice and fair society, in his private life Fila goes through painful contradictions between his beliefs and his actions. Film fiction and real life are reflecting each other as Kamil searchers for his better self somewhere between the cinema hall, gym and numerous sexual relationships. How can one become a better version of themselves while losing themselves in their own life? The film Out in Force by Martin Mareček captures five difficult years in the life of Kamil Fila during which he faces relationship problems, depression and even extreme physical experiments on his own body. The result is a drastically honest portrayal of one’s inner conflicts but also a more general reflection of the changing faces of masculinity in the new millennium.

entry: 4 € / 2 € tickets