Sunday at 11:00 AM

Danubia – Mirror in the Waters. Workshop for children and their parents

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Sunday / 11.00 / workshop


For children (8+) and their parents.

Discovering the universe of Danubia : what is the real story of the journey of Ramona and Gael with their children on the Danube?

After introducing the story of their journey and showing photos and movies their adventures, and for
introducing the performance, Ramona, Gaël and their children propose to draw sensitive maps with you. You will experiment how to traduce in drawing the perception of your environment, specially Bratislava, with emotions and imagination.
“Traditional cartography needs physical and hierarchical markers: administrative zones, towns, buildings, roads, hydrography, standardized toponymy which aim at a form of exhaustiveness but only constitute a model of physical reality. In so-called sensitive cartography, it is necessary that the spatialized landmarks are significant for an individual or a group, that they are lived and perceived, crossed, inhabited, occupied…
Sensitive maps represent a territoriality and a perceived and lived space that differ according to the actors, their personalities and their histories.”

With Gael Chaillat (director), Ramona Poenaru (visual artist) and Dora and Amos, their children.



Supported by i-Portunus. The i-Portunus Houses pilot scheme is implemented, on behalf of the European Commission, by a consortium of organisations that have been pioneers of European cultural mobility programmes themselves. Coordinated by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), the i-Portunus Houses consortium involves MitOst (Berlin) as main mobility implementer and the Kultura Nova Foundation (Zagreb) as lead in evaluation and analysis.

Partners: Slovak Arts Council, Nadácia mesta Bratislavy, Francúzsky inštitút

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