Thursday at 8:00 PM

Edgar’s Hair & Flying Moon In Space

entry: 8 € / reduced price 2 €

Futuro-nostalgic party with two bands who share interest in space themes and inclination towards hypnotic psychedelia. Holland trio Edgar’s Hair (Hans Brussee, Leon van der Leer, Leo Zwaan) will introduce the sound scapes from their recent album In search of starship 109 live!


The numerous ensemble Flying Moon In Space brings motoric rhythms inspired by krautrock, techno and history (written along with Can, Neu!, Brian Eno or Godspeed You! Black Emperor) from Leipzig. Their work finds its final form during the live improvisations which are known to last hours. They usually play with four guitars, bass guitar, drums, and vocals, creating an impressive sound texture.

entry: 8 € / reduced price 2 €