Friday at 8:00 PM

Pawel Kulczynski A/V (premiere)

entry: 6 € / 2 € reduced price

The Polish musician and composer Paweł Kulczyński – also known through the project Wilhelm Bras – had prepared a new audiovisual performance during his residency in A4. The performance uses multichannel ambisonic space sound, algorithmic instruments and video-projection, and explores the themes of ecological losses caused by the climate crisis and the threads of environmental and societal riots and wars – which are all a part of the wider consequences of unsustainable growth. COVID-19 and the current Russian aggression are also clear examples of the fragile balance on which our everyday existence relies. Nowadays situation is precisely articulated in the concept of the book Dark Ecology by Timothy Morton: “This is the state of Anthropocene in which the ecological consciousness (…) of all of us draws us into some kind of environmental film noir: the same way the detective is also the criminal, the philosopher is also a part of this massively spread thing – the human kind – and also contributes to its mass extinction.”

The contemplative videos of nature were captured in the past three years in various European cities that the artist admires for their simple beauty and fragility. 

Organised with the support of the International Visegrad Fund as a part of Visegrad Arts Residency Programme. Financially supported by public funds through the Slovak Art Council and Bratislava City Foundation.


entry: 6 € / 2 € reduced price