Saturday at 8:00 PM


entry: 9 € advance ticket / 10 € at door / 2 € reduced

Concept: S. Ferienčíková & M. Júdová & A. Timpau, Choreography: S. Ferienčíková in collaboration with M. Júdová, Set: A. Timpau, Zvuk M. Slama, A. Timpau, Lights: I. Plavnieks, Performers & co-creators: L. Bobalik, D. Raček, Z. Brungot Svíteková, A. Štepita, Produced by BOD.Y o.z. / Z. Frištiková, Co-produced with ME-SA, spolek, Tabačka Kulturfabrik, Tanec Praha

“We are more connected than ever before; we shift into a mass seeking equilibrium. Pulling and pushing.”

INBETWEEN explores collective tensions in a world of climate change, global pandemics, permanent connection and instantaneous response, where the space between us has become a collective organ demanding change. Though we are apart geographically, we are more connected than ever before and are shifting into a mass seeking to restore equilibrium.

This project was supported from public funds by the Slovak Arts Council, the Bratislava Self-Governing Region and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.


entry: 9 € advance ticket / 10 € at door / 2 € reduced