Monday at 8:00 PM


entry: 12€ / 7€ reduced

Choreography: A. Hód, Original production & interpretation: M. Hajdyla, S. Ferienčíková, Composer: Á. Gryllus, Dramaturgy: Á. Szabó-Székely, Choreography advisor: M. K. Canabarro, Visual advisor: M. Júdová, Costumes: L. Škandíková, Lights: T. Morávek, Technical support: D. Kozlík, Production: R. Packová, Producers: L. Šimášková / BOD.Y o.z., Jiří Hajdyla/ ME-SA, György Ujvári-Pintér / HODWORKS, Co-produced with Tanec Praha z.ú. / PONEC – Dance Theatre, Contemporary Dance Platform, Bratislava in Movement Association, OFF Foundation

SOFT SPOT is an experimental physical performance, the fruit of a collaboration between Slovak dancers Martina Hajdyla, Soňa Ferienčíková and Hungarian choreographer Adrienn Hód. Drawing on improvisation and research of the physical body, SOFT SPOT explores the relationship between body, personality and meaning. What do we perceive when we look at the human body? What does a face, gesture, posture and body’s movement tell us? How do we communicate with others through our body? SOFT SPOT toys with blurring human characteristics, asking what defines us as human beings and seeking a kind of sensitive, supple point in our core.

This project was supported from public funds by the Slovak Arts Council, the International Visegrad Fund, the Prague City Hall, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic.


entry: 12€ / 7€ reduced