Saturday at 8:00 PM

Kittychaosplanet: Exnvrrr

entry: pre-sale 4 € / at the venue 6 € / reduced 2 €


Kittychaosplanet introduces Exnvrrr – immersive performative installation. Environments are open meditative sound gates to inner worlds in which the real world disappears. Nature and human environments, entities interwoven with invisible layers of streams, planetary surfaces and mysterious information. The viewers will be enveloped by the projection of a simulated 3D environment accompanied by live electronic modular music performance in which hardware and software connect with animation and surround special multi-channel sound in real time.

The performance introduces the visual-musical work of Jakub Krejčí, medial artist living in Prague. As a part of his artistic residency in A4, supported by the VARP International Visegrad Fund program, he had created a new version of his long-term project, where he emphasizes the spatiality and representation of the structures of the human vs the natural.

entry: pre-sale 4 € / at the venue 6 € / reduced 2 €