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Preparations for Film T

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Directed by Milan Klepikov, ČR, 93 min, 2021, Czech Language

Saving everything that can not be saved

The end of the world is not a disaster!

The poet Petr Král called the idea that mothers today give birth to children that had already ended, the greatest taboo of today. I followed him, but mainly followed the people he actually talks about. How much of one’s life can still be endured in the era of “ends”? The end of cinema can be only prevented by a frantic hunt for small optical and acoustic treasures, hidden in the gestures and voices. The form: a sketchbook.

“I would rather leave out the question whether it’s a documentary or not. For me, each film is a documentary or – on the contrary none and all of them are and aren’t fiction. Dividing them to genres had never gotten anybody to any meaningful piece of knowledge. That’s my claim.” (Milan Klepikov, film dramaturg, historian, essay author and director – studied film theory at the Charles University and curates the program of Ponrepo, cinema of the National Film Archive since 2000)

entry: 4 € pre-sale / 3 € reduced / 5 € at the venue