Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Discussion_A4: Porušovanie ľudských práv LGBTI+ ľudí – prípad SR

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discussion participants L. Plaváková, lawyer, M. Lipták, lawyer and philosopher, M. Macko from Iniciatíva Inakosť, moderated by B. Smieška

The European Court of Human Rights had recently ruled that all the contracting states, including Slovakia, are obligated to ensure legal recognition and protection for the same-sex couples by creating a specific legal framework. 

Only two days after the verdict of the ECtHR, a draft of the new legislation by Slovak Ministry of Justice was presented to Slovak public. The legislation is supposed to be a response to the demands of LGBTI+ community after the terrorist attack in Tepláreň. Why does the Ministry of Justice proposal not meet the requirements of the ECtHR verdict? What legal means can be used to enforce the Slovak Republic’s obligations resulting from its membership in the Council of Europe? How do the initiatives representing LGBTI+ people perceive Minister Karas’ draft legislation?

entry: voluntary entry