Friday at 8:00 PM

Tanečno & Manuel Ronda: YOLT – You Only Live Twice (SK/IT) (NU DANCE FEST 2023*)

entry: 8€ presale/ 10€ at the venue / 5€/7€ students / 0€ seniors, ZŤP

Ticket holders are entitled to free admittance to the subsequent Nu Dance A4 Night party.

Physical theatre performance YOLT is a reflection upon the structural system orientated in one main direction in which we people live in. It points out their paradoxical morals, their power games and the loss of orientation once there is no structure any more.

– 4 performers
– 35 squares
– 1 Eva
– 1 Dorota
– A composition
– Little red riding hood
– A bit of salsa
– Hierarchy
– Left and right
– Something special
– The meaning of life

TANEČNO is an association of young people dedicated to art, culture and community organisation. The year-round activities are largely based on convening Tanečno – the Orava-region festival of dance and movement, which has had six successful editions. The group aims, intet alia, to advance, create and preserve cultural values and support of learning within culture and art by offering year-round artistic and learning activities, particularly within the region of Orava. The group is also a creative and performative collective (Passing/station, The Urge Grows, YOLT, Antrophos Anthem, Gentle Man, Na hlásku, Be off…).

Choreography and direction: Manuel Ronda
Performance: Miriam Budzáková, Silvia Sviteková, Matúš Szeghö, Andrej Štepita
Music: Eva Sajanová
Lights, stage, costumes: Dorota Volfová
Illustrations: Manuel Ronda
Visual: Matúš Szeghö
Production: Tanečno o.z.
Photos: Marek Jančúch

entry: 8€ presale/ 10€ at the venue / 5€/7€ students / 0€ seniors, ZŤP