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Choreographer in the Ring – 4th round

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Choreographer in the Ring via Bratislava

Nu Dance Fest and PULSAR will present four rounds of action interviews in the “ring”, where the judge and moderator Honza Malík invites acclaimed choreographers within the Slovak contemporary dance scene to present an artistic duel for their visions, goals and values.

The dynamics of these days are hasty. Hence, it is even more imperative to think, act and create. And to listen to those who, through physicality, penetrate into the essence of our common existence.

PULSAR is a platform that creates a dance performance within contemporary dance with clear dramaturgy. It artistically addresses publicly engaged themes, seeking for them a new dance expression. PULSAR develops new artistic formats, hence exploring new possibilities of art in close connection with the spectator. Pulsar team currently comprises Honza Malík and Tereza Krčálová.

PULSAR central initiatives that take an innovative approach to the developments on the dance scene, thus augmenting it, include the conference 30 Years of Dance Future Promises, artistic encounter Catch the Reality! 1–6, an interdisciplinary conference The role of the Artist Today, project Innovation and art: Utterly Unacceptable! part I and II, an experimental interdisciplinary piece Be Provoked by Dance!, a programme for the 30th anniversary of the Duncan Centre.

PULSAR was founded at the turn of 2016/2017 by Honza Malík and Michal Záhora. At the time already they made works addressing public themes in their spiritual, philosophical and social complexity; diverse choreographic procedures emerged. These were the works Pulsar, Concert for Her, Anniversary – A Hundred Years of Czech Statehood, Celebration – A Dance pilgrimage through the Countryside. The latest pieces Generation X and The End’s Turnabout emerged from dramaturgically adapted research.

In 2023 PULSAR is preparing a dance piece in collaboration with Belarusian artists building upon the recent author’s text I will emerge from the forest, straighten my backbone, and it shall become my sword (première 8 September 2023).

Idea, concept, script and dramaturgy: Tereza Krčálová, Honza Malík
Specialist collaboration: Katarína Cvečková
Outdoor camera: Leonardo Bertazzo /IT/
Production: Honza Malík & PULSAR z.s.
Coproduction: Nu Dance Fest 2023
With support by: PLOVE, BaladaSITE
Thanks to: projekt BeInternational, Štěpán Zahálka
Photo: Petr Jiras

entry: free entry