Thursday at 6:30 PM

Shaping of experiences: works in photography and education

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Curator M. Šimkovičová, exhibitors I. M. Čechvalová, A. Fabianová, M. Greňová, M. Hroncová, S.
Strobel, M. Vargová, T. Žiaková

The exhibition presents a selection of works by participants of the photography course and
consultations at the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education, Comenius University, from the
summer semester 2023.

The works are to be read in two ways: the first being a personal encounter with the medium, learning
its basics, conventions of usage and its role in the mass production and consumption of images.
The second way of reading would be the appropriation and interpretation of the medium for future
educational processes with children, adults, groups, and individuals. It asks us what is important
beyond the need for self-expression. What are those silent moments of understanding we want to
bring to others? How can we design our experiences for others? How can we share our paths not only
in terms of artwork but also in terms of sharing a manual for an experience to follow or interpret?

entry: free entry