Thursday at 8:00 PM

All Men Become Brothers

entry: presale 4 € / 3 € reduced / 5 € at the venue

directed by Robert Kirchhoff, SK, CZ, 2023, 166min., (na CSFD je ze 116 min)! Slovak language

During the free sixties, the leader of the Prague Spring established the idea of socialism with a human face, which was silenced by the Soviet tanks. Alexander Dubček’s face became a symbol – despite the totalitarian darkness. In the film All Men Will Be Brothers, the Slovak director Robert Kirchhoff returns to this immortal symbol and composes the story of “the face of Dubček”. Faces of the visionary and the secretary, of an ideal and of reality, of absolute and relative, elite and popular, global and local, power and powerlessness, victory and defeat. We follow the witnesses of Dubček’s life in the scenes from the utopian commune in Kyrgyzstan, where he grew up, through the era of a pop-political star, to the era of a dissident — towards the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Dubček’s return to politics and his tragic death.

entry: presale 4 € / 3 € reduced / 5 € at the venue