October 9

Kateřina Zochová / Residency in A4

Visegrad Artist Residency – Visual and Sound Arts

Katerina Zochova did work on her project Tell Tell Fairy during her residential stay, whose goal is to create a collection of records – a collage of sound compositions which can sometimes remind of field recording and other times can remind of carefully composed songs. The author is operating in the field of music and musical therapy for a long time now in both theory (studies of influence of music on human body and its psyche) and in practice (the author is manufacturing simple string instruments used in therapy like kantel and zither). Katerina would like to use her experiences in this particular project. In the first phase, in August, she would sort out her materiel according to its content and create a plan for workshop for children. Workshop took place on 09/09/2017 in cultural center A4-space for contemporary culture. Workshop consisted of musical and motion activities for children older than 5 years. The main focus of author and participating children was on connection of music, exercise, motion and imagination. As a result of this workshop a song was created and recorded.

The cooperation was outstanding and everything went according to the plan. We provided the artist with a rehearsal space and technical equipment based on her needs. Local artistic community also benefited from Kateřina Zochová`s residency and therea are several joint projects in preparation.

Kateřina Zochová

Bratislava, September, 2017