November 2

Kyoka, Tsembla a Chaosdroid: three electronic musicians to be welcomed in A4

On the first Tuesday of October A4 experienced a big acoustic bang. Three exceptional artists of the contemporary electro scene guided the visitors through an unknown sound scape and all its beauties and surprises.
The Japanese musician and composer Kyoka lives in Berlin and Tokyo. This distinctive artistic persona of the German label Raster Noton had experimented with magnetophones and tape recorders since her childhood and then moved on to synthesizers, sequencers and other electronics. Her music focuses on pulsing and dance rhythmic structures that are combined with experimental elements. The composer Ryuichi Sakamoto commented on her exceptional talent by saying: “How can she create such beautiful and chaotic sounds? I love it!”. Kyoka brought her “broken pop-beat” and glitch rhythms to Slovakia for the first time.

Tsembla is a pseudonym of Swedish-Finnish artists called Marja Kristina Ahti. When she came to Slovakia for the first time a few years ago, she charmed the audience with her fascinating soundscapes made right on her table full of various gadgets and electro machines. The music of her newest album sounds a bit clearer and more approachable, although the trademark of the both the older and the contemporary Tsembla is still the strong emotion, atmosphere and a narrative. Her concert sets are captivating and unpredictable – and once we feel like we understand their pattern and structure, she comes in with a sonic twist that only enhances our expectations. Tsembla takes her audience to travel different worlds with her colorful and imaginative nordic sounds.
Ana Filip a.k.a. Chaosdroid comes from Romania but lives and creates in Bratislava – already for a longer time. Multimedia artist and cultural activist devotes most of her work to sound and music. Her experimental collage set opened the spectacular musical evening.
The event was supported by the Fund for supporting arts and Bratislava autonomy region.