September 16


Welcome to the new season in the new A4! During summer we had not only worked on our exciting program for the next months but also sweated for the reconstruction and extension of our spaces. Come and check out the news – both in the Kafe A4 and on the stage!

Theatre in A4

The first ones to own the stage in this season will be actors and actresses from the festival of Amateur Theatre. During the first weekend of September you will have a chance to see six different plays introducing both student ensembles and life-long stars of the amateur theatre scene. The genre selection promises A4-typical variety – from situational comedies through autobiographical queer theatre to powerful observations of what’s behind the curtains of a war.

The full theatre program of September continues with a physical theatre piece by Monika Haasová and Péter Cséri called Trio Olga: Peace – full of misunderstandings, table moves, coffee breaks and unsolvable relationships issues. Disintegration and discrepancies are at the core of the play End, End by Petra Fornayová.

Besides physical theatre there are performances by Divadelný kabinet východňara (Eastern-Slvoakian) named Bludy (Delusions) full of wheels, local theatre SkRAT and their triple monodrama Mono or our guest theatre ensemble YARMAT and two of their plays – Smrteľníci (Immortals) and Diagnóza Dno (Diagnosis Bottom) prepared for you. A4 is always as multi-genre as it gets therefore you can also enjoy the play King Ubu by the only puppet theatre for adults in Slovakia called Dezorzovo lútkové divadlo on our stage soon.

Workshops in A4

Our program can be also experienced actively – with your own ears, hands and skills. Workshop lead by Fero Királyi µCtrl: Arduino for beginners allows you to find out practically everything about the small programmable micro-controller that is often used for making interactive installations or performances.

Hands-on art continues also in the creative courses for children lead by the lecturer and artist Monika Pascoe Mikyšková. This season’s workshops are available for children between ages 6 and 12 and will be devoted to all the stories behind art – inspired by the book The Story of Art by Ernest Hans Gombrich.

Music in A4

In the end of September A4 will focus on contemporary Austrian art and its many genres. We will start with experimental short films selections and zoom into experimental electronic music, too. The Austrian label Ventil Records will introduce a collection of the freshest sounds on the scene – seductive avant pop by Rany Farahani (performing under artistic name ƒauna), noise project by Manuel Knapp and also a hypnotic ambient set by Ursula Winterauer (Gischt) – who is also a founder of the label Ventil Records.

Discussions in A4

The twelfth edition of the debate series City as Politicum by Bohdan Smieška in cooperation with Local Act will take place in the renewed spaces of our Kafe A4. The guests will debate the topic of “city in contexts” – contexts of climate changes, economical growth and deepening of social inequalities.

Cinema in A4

Never Happened is a documentary debut by director Barbora Berezňáková. Film is following a story of three friends who were also the direct witnesses of the chilling happenings of the mafia lead nineties in Slovakia. Emotional portrait of three people and their personal motivations brings new perspectives into both political history and present. After the screening there will be a Q&A with the director.

In September we will introduce yet another distinctive new Slovak film Let There Be Light by Marko Škop that uncovers the relationships in Slovak society through a story of one family – one father working abroad and one son radicalizing at home. Another critically acclaimed Hungarian documentary film by Bernadetta Tuza-Ritter opens a taboo topic of contemporary slavery through a true story of Mariš who had become a slave in her own country.

Towards the end of September a selection of short film called Shifting Frames will introduce the best of contemporary short film art, video-art, essay genres and documentaries from Austria.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back in A4 – on the stage, in front of the film screen or debating with beer or coffee in Kafé A4!