A4 ­ space for contemporary culture is multifunctional and non­commercial center in the centre of Bratislava (Karpatska street 2), which is oriented to creation, presentation and education in actual forms of contemporary theater, dance, music, film, contemporary visual culture and new media art. Project A4 ­ space for contemporary culture is the completion of hard work of many civic & cultural organizations in creating centre that supports and presents actual art forms in the field of performing arts and new media art supporting live and innovative artistic creation.

Theatre: A4 is the home of the renowned theatre company Divadlo SkRAT, as well as actively hosting national and international groups and theatre productions.

Theatrical production and dramaturgy in A4 is strongly associated with its in-house theatre company Divadlo SkRAT, who regularly performs and presents its own devised productions. Divadlo SkRAT brings a strong identity of theatrical quality and experimentation to A4, which cultivates a tradition of strong national and international companies presenting their performances at A4 every year.

Dance: A4 presents performances of contemporary dance and physical theatre; giving space for independent national artists, choreographers and interpreters to show their work along with guest artists from around the world

A4 is actively engaged with the Association of Contemporary Dance, who A4 strives to welcome as part of its program, giving them an opportunity to showcase their work, which A4 is the only cultural centre in Bratislava to do so. This relation further supports the Association of Contemporary Dance as A4 offer them space for rehearsals and to the development of new art pieces.

Music: A4 regularly presents contemporary and live musical performances which traverse classical, improvised, experimental and electronic music, jazz and alternative rock. The musical program presented at A4 is strongly associated with the ensemble AtraktArt and Group for recent OPERA.

A4 has a strong history of successful collaborations with foreign embassies and cultural institutions (České centrum, Poľský inštitút, Kulťúrny inštitút Maďarskej republiky, Goetheho inštitút, Veľvyslanectvo Holandského kráľovstva), which has allowed A4 to be a part of an international network of organizers for contemporary music.

Our external activities include, for example, a concert by The Royal Netherlands Embassy to celebrate Slovak Republic joining the European Union, starring Palinckx – an alternative rock band. And together with our Irish partners Electric Rain, we prepared experimental performances at Urbsounds in Cork.

A4 also give space for original projects as part of its program, such as a concert by Fcuk Multiplace with Australian-Slovak musician, the audio workshop Plug in Café, which focused on the use of new technologies in music.

In the cycle of A4’s concerts of experimental electronic music and sound art Digitópia found its next resumption.

Kino Inak is A4’s in-house cinema, which presents movies and video projection of contemporary cinema for demanding viewer such as artistic documents, digital video, animations, musical and experimental movies.

Kino Inak (previously known as Audio-visual club) presents regular public projection of audio-visual art. Its goal is to present the field of current European and non- European experimental productions and alternative cinema through films, documentaries, multimedia projects, new media, video art, VJ presentations.

Kino Inak’s philosophy differs from commercial cinema or movie-houses, as it is open to different forms of moving-image, highlighting art pieces and experimental film based on their exclusive creative quality, which is not usual distributed. It further has an interactive approach, which offers viewers lecturing introductions of screenings, presentations and meetings with creators, theoreticians, guests and workshops.

New media – audio-visual performances, workshops, exhibitions

A4’s characteristic program of contemporary arts also moves within the field of new media, digital technologies, electronic art and boundary genres.
A4’s program is partly influenced by the activity of Ensemble Burundi, which in years 2004 – 2005 operated meditéka (data lab), gallery space (display), space for project realization (studio) and media information source (press). A4 is further a co-organizer of the culture and new media festival Multiplace, which presents and supports productions in the new media art field, while simultaneously being dedicated to education and community development in the local area (through the cycled presentation and discussion Guča/Gucha).

For information about the current program at A4 please follow this link.