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Independent culture center looking for creative volunteers

About the project

A4 is looking for 2 full-time European Solidarity Corps volunteers. Duration: 5-6 weeks, starting in the month of September/October. We ask you to be committed to participate the whole duration, it’s important for the project, your learning development and for the hosting organization.

Tasks and activities of the participant

Photo documentation. We are looking for someone who wants to shoot photos of different events, e.g. concerts, theatre and dance performances, discussions, etc. and edit them. After that, the participant will upload them to our web gallery.

PR / communcation and graphic design

This person helps with creating the graphic layouts of A4 communication materials and/or focuses on social media management. The participant should bring his/her own PC with editing software.

In addition to the main tasks of the volunteer, the volunteer will be involved in the day-to-day running of the center, regular random tasks, promos, productions, etc.

Other activities depend on mutual discussion and on individual preferences, background and profile of the participant. They can develop their own (creative) project (for example workshop, exhibition, blog, movie, zine, podcast etc). In short, the activities are very varied and there is a lot of space to discuss the preferences of the participant.

Your profile

We are looking for ESC eligible participants who:

  • are between 18-30 years old at the start of the project (September 2022)
  • are resident in a EU or EEA (including UK and Ukraine) country. So the participant doesn’t need a 12 month residence permit for Slovakia
  • are interested in contemporary art and culture
  • are open-minded, flexible, proactive and communicative
  • have an intermediate level of English language
  • have some creative skills in photography, web design and general knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (preferred but not necessary)

Working schedule

We are looking for people who are flexible and don’t mind working on evenings and weekends. There is no exact weekly timetable. We plan each week in advance according to the current program in A4.


Expenses within the project are covered by the European Union.

  • The volunteers will be housed in a shared apartment.
  • Travel costs to and from Slovakia at the beginning and end of the project are covered.
  • There are 2 bikes available for commuting around the city. The volunteers also receive a transport card for traveling within the city.
  • The participants will receive €9 a day as pocket money and food money. This is
    around €290 a month.

How to apply

Apply by filling in this form:

  1. PHOTO DOCUMENTATION: https://forms.gle/iURtXZS8xkUNqJ4i7


The deadline for applications is the 28th of August 2022.

If you have any questions, contact Tereza Hubackova at mobility@a4.sk.

We will be doing online interviews with selected candidates within a week after the deadline.

About A4

A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture is an independent, non-commercial center for contemporary culture in the center of Bratislava. It is oriented towards creation, presentation and education in present-day forms of theatre, dance, music and film, contemporary visual culture and new media art. Since its beginning in 2004, A4 has a unique position in the cultural life of the city and has managed to create a very creative and inspiring environment around itself. The productivity of A4 can be proved by more than 3000 organized cultural events, presenting and initiating innovative artistic creations. The music programming is focused on cutting-edge expressions of contemporary music. The A4 cinema club offers screenings of artistic films which are usually not shown elsewhere in the region. Besides that, A4 works with young artists and volunteers and develops the local cultural scene and community.