Support A4

A4 has been a home to Bratislava’s cultural community for over 20 years. Throughout the years, we have supported and encouraged the most exciting contemporary art and culture. Annually we prepare and host about 250 cultural events – theater and dance performances, concerts, screenings, lectures and workshops.

With your support we can focus on a long-term perspective. You can help us with a one-time or monthly donation, or donate 2% of your taxes.

One-time / monthly donation

We welcome any donation, the amount is up to you and can be based on how you value your experience and what you can afford.


If you report your income tax in Slovakia, it is possible to donate 2% of it to an NGO. And why not give it to your favorite cultural center? This is how it works:

All you need to do is fill in our business name and VAT number in the relevant section of your tax report. If you’re filling it in yourself, you’ll probably be familiar with it, if your employer is filling it in for you, you can usually just ask them for the form, fill it in, and your employer will attach it to your tax report.

The tax report is filed for me by my employer

  • Ask your employer to make an annual settlement of your advance income tax payments and to issue you with a tax receipt.
  • Complete a declaration of remittance of 2% tax. Enter your name, social security number, place of residence and the amount corresponding to the 2% tax paid. Check the declaration form.
  • Send/deliver the forms to the tax office in your place of residence no later than 30 April.

I file the tax report myself

  • Fill in the declaration for remittance of your share of the tax paid directly on your income tax report.
  • You then file the completed return by 31 March.

Details needed to donate your 2% to A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture:

  • názov: A4 – asociácia združení pre súčasnú kultúru
  • právna forma: občianske združenie
  • sídlo: Karpatská 2, 811 05 Bratislava
  • IČO: 30853435

More information

Do you have any questions about donating to A4 or do you have other ideas for donating? Let us know! You can contact our production manager at or +421 915 794 942.