European Solidarity Corps

Since 2014, A4 has been a hosting and supporting organization within the European Solidarity Corps (formerly European Voluntary Service). Every year, international volunteers come to A4 for a long-term stay (usually 1 year) and learn about the processes in our cultural center: production, marketing, programming, organizing concerts, festivals and workshops.

ESC is the mobility program of the EU for young people to volunteer, support the community and improve their skills during a project of up to 12 months. This can be done abroad or in their own country. The European Solidarity Corps brings together young people aged between 18-30 to build a more inclusive society and improve their skills. Read more about ESC on the European Youth Portal.

A4 hosts 4 volunteers every year, from 1 January to 31 December. Each of the volunteers has their own specialization: marketing, technical support, videography or photography. This is what they focus on a large part of the time. Besides that, they support the daily tasks in A4 and they develop their own project throughout the year. Examples of projects are the Nomadic Arts Festival, the yearly zine, (connected) exhibitions, a film on Slovak theater, and a series of DJ sets.

You can contact Patricia (coordinator) to discuss possibilities within the ESC program at