Monday at 8:00 PM

Niveau stable

entry: 9 € / 5 €

Directed and choreographed by L. Holinová, idea Z. Očenášová Vasičáková, performers L. Bobalík, B. Janáková, R. Ptačin, D. Raček, music and set design V. Holina, light design R. Polák, costumes V. Keresztesová, production RESERVA, o.z.

Danube reminds us that the wide and unbearable heaven exists. Even if you dare to swim you will never end up in the same spot you started from. And once you get into a whirlpool you will not know where the up and where the down is – you can only save yourself if you give up. Let yourself get sucked in and find the direction, touch the bottom and bounce away from it and maybe get above the water in time to breathe in.
We – the people from Danube – we know what it means to have a rendezvous with the enormousness. We carry the physical memories as the water in Danube carries things, boats, pieces of wood and people.

Organized by RESERVA, o.z.

entry: 9 € / 5 €