Friday at 6:00 PM

Festival of Amateur Theatre// DS DRIM at Art School of J. Rosinský: Behind the big notebook

entry: 3 € / 6 €

AuthorAgota Kristof, starringSamuel Hornáček, Natália Vrabcová, Laura Majcherová, Samuel Černuško, Filip Máni, Anna Čavčíková, Kristína Majcherová, Alex Mihalík, Ema Dulíková, translationAlena Čermáková, dramatization Marica Šišková, music and live singing on the motif byRobert Pospiš andMartin Sillay, directed and dramatized byMarica Šišková


Imagine going to school, having a warm bed, food on your plate, a warm coat… And in a blink of an eye everything is gone! Unreal? Really? How can one survive that? How to withstand the pain, cruelty, humiliation and feeling of hopelessness? How to stop crying? There are some ways – for example with the big notebook and exercises for strengthening the body and the mind. Or with picking grenades (just to be sure). Or with stealing. Blackmailing. Sometimes you have to help the weak. Or just stop feeling anything at all. Open the Big Notebook. Enter.

photography: Jana Nádašdyová

entry: 3 € / 6 €