Saturday at 8:00 PM

Festival of Amateur Theatre// Homo Fuge: Underground Blues

entry: 3 € / 6 €

starringMichal Vidan, Lucia Panáčková, voice Miroslav Malina, dramaturgyMichal Vidan, Lucia Panáčková, set design and costumesRoman Muška, light and sound design Michal Vidan, recording and sound postproductionRichard Hrnko – Anunnaki Studios, light and sound Pavol Mareček, technical support Stanislav Kozáčik, réžia Lucia Panáčková, Michal Vidan

The Wild Man travels in a metro without an aim. He criticizes and attacks other passengers. He laughs at everybody and everything. He only believes in beauty. Everything else is irrelevant. Nobody can escape his aggression, not even himself – until the Wild Woman approaches him. She sets him up against a mirror – a mirror to his ideas and behavior. The meaninglessness of human actions are uncovered – only who is egocentric and selfish is important in the nowadays world.

entry: 3 € / 6 €