Sunday at 8:00 PM

Festival of Amateur Theatre // Art point teatro: One on another

entry: 3 € / 6 €

starring Nela Jakubisová, Zuzana Kráľová, written and directed by Štefan Bielik based on the play by Rob de Graaf: Mako

Two young beautiful women –  they could open up to the world and hug it. But they are both disappointed. They want to live differently. They isolate themselves from the world and start living a new life. They create a sisterhood, a secret organization that has a base in the shared bed of their house. Can they suppress their urges? Can they follow the strict rules that are at a risk every moment? The tragic comedy One on another is an exceptional performance inspired by the play Mako by Dutch playwright Rob de Graaf.


Festival of Amateur Theatre was supported by: Slovak Arts Council, Ars Bratislavensis and the Regional Funding scheme of the Bratislava Autonomous Region.

entry: 3 € / 6 €