Thursday at 8:00 PM

Theatre SkRAT: Smrťá žiťá (or Posledný majáles)

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti / 2 € študenti VŠMU, AU, konzervatórií

Authors and actors L. Fričová, D. Gudabová, I. Hrubaničová, M. Chalmovský, T. Koprivčević, V. Zboroň and others (if they arrive), preparation of the text I. Hrubaničová and the collective of creators, set design and costumes by the collective of creators, music by T. Koprivčević, light design by B. Adamčík

How many deaths can one human survive? How much life is there in each death? What is left for actors if everybody acts these days? Is it their death? We need to live and reverse the roles. To act about what kind of human a human is when they don’t act.

Milan – parliamentarian: Okay, so, tell me: the summer one or the winter one? Last words!

Vlado parliamentarian: Yes or no!

Inge parliamentarian: I am for the winter one.

Vlado parliamentarian: I dont say winter or summer, I say yes or no.

Milan – parliamentarian: I say yes.

Vlado parliamentarian: See?! You are actually agreeing with my summer time, yes.

Inge parliamentarian: (desperately irritated to Milan) Dear colleague, I cant believe this. How can you say yes if you dont know what youre saying yes to?!

The creation of the play was financially supported by the Slovak Art Council and Ars Bratislavensis.    

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti / 2 € študenti VŠMU, AU, konzervatórií