Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Festival Drama Queer 2019 / The Quendra Multimedia: 55 shades of Gay / Kosovo

entry: 8 € / 5 € študenti

Author J. Neziraj, directed by B. Neziraj, choreography F. Bilbao, set design and costumes S. Ellrich, hudba I. Popovic, tech. réžia D. Berisha, starring T. Halilaj, B. Ahmeti, S. Ismaili, S. Latifi, V. Koxha, L. Durmishi


Balkans spring of sexual revolution. 55 Shades of Gay is a contemporary burlesque story about LGBT politicians in Balkan and in Europe that brings up the question: „Is sexual freedom possible in Balkan?“


The festival was supported by public funds of Slovak Art Council and the funding program ARS BRATISLAVENSIS.


The festival DRAMA QUEER is organized by the theatre NOMANTINELS.

entry: 8 € / 5 € študenti