Saturday at 8:00 PM

Animations with live music

entry: voľný vstup

music by Jakub Królikowski, Alexander Platzner

Short animated films by established Slovak filmmakers will be screened with a new musical accompaniment. The author of the music is a composer, pianist and an improviser from Poznan (PL) Jakub Królikowski who created a whole new sound layer for the films. The composer wanted to keep a fresh artistic attitude and creative independence and therefore gave up on listening to the music that was originally created for the films. The new soundtrack is undoubtedly associated with European avant-garde music, free-jazz or electronic music of various movements. The compositions include recorded instrumental electronic layers, sounds of synthesizers, soundscapes recorded in various locations in Bratislava and sounds by the inventive saxophonist Alexander Platzner from Bratislava.


This event is an outcome of the artistic residence of Jakub Królikowski in A4 as a part of Visegrad

Visegrad Artist Residency Program supported by International Visegrad Fund.

entry: voľný vstup