Thursday at 8:00 PM

Theatre Dogma – The Conservative (100th anniversary of Czechoslovakia)

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti / 2 € študenti VŠMU, AU, konzervatórií

Text D. Zábranský, concept and direction K. Bystrický, cast J. Bakoš, I. Kubica, dramaturgy K. Bystrický, J. Benko, pohybová spolupráca T. Plánka, hlas D. Jamrich, hudba R. Lalík, M. Fačkovec, light design B. Adamčík, artwork A. Vido, V. Ďurajka

“The writing is apolitical, impractical, tamed and very introverted. We celebrate the 100th anniversary of autonomous Czechoslovakia in 2018. My text, written as a homage to this anniversary, is named The Conservative. The main character is a person looking into the flowing waves being left behind a ship. It’s a poetic text about the passing time, a monument to the hundred years and a reflection about their sense and meaning. I don’t delve into our common history, this text is a monument without the horseman, a monument to honor one hundred years, nothing else. It’s a record of the atmosphere of emptiness, atmosphere after celebration. Meaningful silence after a fight. At the end of everything, it seems like there’s … nothing.”

The project was financially supported by Slovak Arts Council and City of Trenčín. 

entry: 7 € / 5 € študenti / 2 € študenti VŠMU, AU, konzervatórií