Friday at 8:30 PM

Branislav Dugovič: Cross-Country Skiing

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu

musicians B. Dugovič: clarinet, bass clarinet, live electronics, E. Stevens:  keys, vocal, live electronics, D. Matej: gramophone, objects, live electronics


Branislav Dugovič (1978) is a Slovak clarinet and bass-clarinet player. He studied the Academy of Peforming Arts and Music in Bratislava. His journey to his own musical identity took him all the way to releasing two co-written albums – experimental and dark Cross-Country Skiing (2018) and tonal 10 Simple Melodies (2019). For both of his albums he invited créme de la créme artists, with who he had the chance to collaborate the past years: British key player and composer and producer E. Stevens, violin player M. Paľo, cello players J. Lupták, B. Lenka on bandoneon and accordion, N. Nikitin as a composer and saxophone player, composers M. Lejava and D. Matej. The performance will be a part of Almost Central European Tour and include an official release of the new album 10 Simple Melodies.

entry: 8 €  dospelý / 5  €  študent, ZŤP, senior / deň festivalu