Monday at 8:00 PM

Dezors’ puppet theatre: Ján Ošík and avenger with fujara 

entry: 7 €

puppet artists K. Kollárik, A. Maďar, H. Turban, M. Mitaš, G. Dezorz, directed by G. Dezorz, written by A. B. Pain, set design and puppets V. Dubravay, dramaturgy Santanelli, music Stroon

The Dezorz puppet theatre is the only puppet theatre for adult viewers in Slovakia. Now they are introducing a delicacy. A legend about our national history and the legendary bandit Juraj Jánošík – an icon and a rebel of Slovak folklore, comes to the stage in a dramatic version by the well-known Slovak poet, writer and a script writer Agda Bavi Pain who brought Jánošík back to life in a new bloody vampire story. Directed by Gejza Dezorz the theatre play presents absolutely current, adventurous and comedic performance full of exciting action and fun with a distinctive visuals and set design. 


The play was financially supported by Slovak Arts Council.

entry: 7 €