Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Heritages: E. Maróthy-Šoltésová – “first lady” of Slovakia?

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The writer Elena Maróthy-Šoltésová survived her children. The complicated journey of her life was made easier thanks to her strong character, courage and desire to educate herself, women and men. Her wide socio-political knowledge, timeless thinking about voters’ responsibility and parliamentarians’ morals and about the peaceful lives of European nations had put her into a position of Slovakia’s “first lady” of her times.

Heritages are a new cultural-educational format that involves reading and interpretation of archive materials and shows the gravitation of Slovak writers to humanist and democratic values. The program also includes audiovisual projection about the first Czechoslovak republic.

Presented by Mgr. Lukáš Krajčír, PhD., researcher of the Slovak historical institute of Matica Slovenská




entry: voluntary fee