Friday at 8:00 PM

Russell Haswell (UK), Bruce Gilbert (ex-Wire, UK)

entry: 8 € at the venue / 7 € pre-sale

When Bruce Gilbert co-founded the influential art-punk band Wire in 1976, he already had various experiences with musical avant-garde. During the on-and-off journey of his band and after his definite departure from the group in 2004, he kept on experimenting with electronic music, performance, production and DJing. His albums are released under prestigious labels like Touch or Editions Mego – and now we are to see this legend for the first time in Slovakia !

This evening his accomplice will be the electronic and multidisciplinary artist Russell Haswell. Another “enfant terrible” of the British scene, who puts his foot into his speaker. We had the chance to experience his performance during the festival NEXT. He worked with such names as Aphex Twin, Autechre, Mike Vainio, Yasunao Tone or Whitehouse. His music was released by record labels like Warp and Warner Classics.

entry: 8 € at the venue / 7 € pre-sale