Saturday at 6:00 PM

KRAA! #7: The festival of truly contemporary music

entry: 6 € predpredaj / 7 € na mieste / 1 € študenti

Annual session of inspiring and unconventional Slovak music with the ironic subtitle is coming! For the seventh time we experience the unpredictable ride through short (but sharp!) concert sets. Along the NEXT festival, KRAA! is the second most important musical event of the year, a reunion of the local scene members where you can meet various faces of creative sound experiment. From ambient and drones through modular synthesizers, noise and sound art to rhythmic trips to club electronics – almost 60 different music projects that were already presented at the KRAA! festival will be joined by even more acts this night.

entry: 6 € predpredaj / 7 € na mieste / 1 € študenti