Monday at 6:00 PM

/Canceled/ Drama Queer: T. Dianiška – transky, body, vteřiny *


Monday / 18.00 / theatre / 8 / 5
directed by T. Dianiška, dramaturgy K. Menclerová, D. Košťák, art direction L. Odvárková, music M. Štesko starring J. Burýšek, P. Gajdošíková, M. Matulová, V. Říha, M. Cimerák, M. Sedláček, V. Johaník, M. Křehlíková, A. Zatloukalová, M. Kudela, M. Weber


In 1934, the world was recovering from the economic crisis, nazism was intensifying and in the midst of all of that there was a miracle – the twenty-two year old athlete Zdena Koubková who had broke the world record in 800 metres track running. A few months later Zdena became Zdeňek. The change of the body and soul was quickly condemned by the society and the athlete’s successes uncompromisingly deleted. The play is inspired by real life events – that were, too, deleted from the contemporary history.