Thursday at 7:00 PM

Only rarely does an ocean dry out

entry: vstupné dobrovoľné

Thursday / 19.00 / exhibition opening / voluntary entry

Artist I. Durkáčová, curator G. Gažová


The exhibition project by Iva Durkáčová is a site-specific installation in which the artist continues the series of her projects defined by various intermedia approaches. The concept of the installation is loosely based on the question of Jared Diamond, the author of the book Collapse: What might have a Polynesian thought when preparing to cut down the last tree at the Easter Island? 

Human time is linear while the time of trees passes in circles: the past and the future breathe in the present moment. According to Boris Groys the present is no longer a passage from the past to the future. It had become a prolonged, perhaps infinite period of postponing decisions and actions. In the time of climatic crisis the artist exposes banality of a simple gesture in the installation that as a whole accumulates time and changes the space of gallery to a heterotopia

entry: vstupné dobrovoľné