Sunday at 7:00 PM

White on white

entry: 4 € / 3 €

Sunday / 19.00 / kino inak + discussion/ 4 € / 3 €

Directed by Viera Čakányová, SK / CZ, 2020, 74 min., Slovak / Czech / English language with English and Slovak subtitles


After her film FREM the director explores the topic of artificial intelligence in her newest film White on white in a more personal tone. Crucial questions are aimed towards the viewers – brought up by the extreme experience of making the film in the given environments and conditions. “How can you think about something principally inhuman? I am making a film about artificial intelligence, but it’s getting harder, more absurd. Antarctic land works as a drug. I am walking in the white darkness and looking for the feeling of relief? I am a matter with consciousness, aways from thermodynamic balance. That is the only thing I can make a report about.” sa the director and producer Viera Čákanyová.


A discussion with the director takes place after the screening.

entry: 4 € / 3 €