Monday at 8:00 PM

Kramer vs. Kramer /of the 21st century/

entry: 10 €

Amor fati

Monday / 20.00 / Theatre / 10 €

Author of the text A. Corman, direction and adaptation J. Rázusová, dramaturgy and edits M. Turošík, Set design and costumes D. Strauszová, music M. Husovský, Videoart J. Mydla, Light design L. Katuščák, Production L. Durkáčová, starring Z. Kvasková, T. Mischura, M. Husovský


We all know what comes after the wedding kiss in the fairy tales. They lived happily ever after. But what comes after a divorce? Is it possible to stop being a parent – in the same way as it is possible to stop being somebody’s partner? Do people nowadays have children because it’s beautiful, enriching? Do they consider it a necessary fulfillment of a partnership?


The play is inspired by the novel by Avery Corman Kramer vs. Kramer, also known for its Hollywood adaptation with Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman. The play was created to map the changes in the understanding of the contemporary family and partnership compared with the so called traditional family and to support the redefining of the family in the current presence.

entry: 10 €