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Shiva baby

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Directed by Emma Seligman, USA, 2020, 78 min., English with English subtitles


After arriving at the whole-day Shiva, Jewish funeral service event, Danielle is followed by her neurotic parents and various distant relatives who comment on her appearance and lack of her future plans after graduation – while her confident ex-girlfriend Maya is being celebrated for her admission to a law school. As the hours go by, Danielle tries to keep different versions of herself together in a crowded, claustrophobic space. Feature debut by Emma Seligman, which is a reworking of her short film of the same name, uses anxious atmosphere bordering on genre of thriller combined with a comical and absurd version of unpleasantly big family gatherings and internalized anxiety of the main protagonist, trying to avoid uncomfortable conversations in small spaces with her parents, sugar daddy, ex-girlfriend and relatives – all of who could uncover her (small) lies. 


entry: 4 € / 3 €