Monday at 3:00 PM

Autumn creative walks for children with A4

entry: 10 € / 50 € all dates

Creative workshops with Daniela Krajčová for children from 6 to 11 years old.


During autumn A4 organizes a series of six creative walks with the artist Daniela Krajčová. We will get inspired by the surroundings of A4, while at every workshop the children will react to a different specific site – the building of YMCA, Námestie Slobody, the famous Radio building, market place at Žilinská street, the Belopotocký park and many more.


First we take a walk to the place we are going to explore together. We will talk about its history, current state, function, architectural and natural elements. We will take pictures, make drawings of various shapes, objects or places that interest us.


Later in the spaces of A4 the children will react to the visited site artistically – experimenting with various techniques, learning to creatively approach their visual experiences and sensitively observe their environments and its contexts.


Techniques: pencil drawing, ink drawings, dry pastel, drawing in sand, watercolor painting, tempera painting, working with clay, printing, frottage, cut-outs, making simple models, working with found and recycled objects.


Dates of the workshops: 15. and 27.9., 13. and 27.10., 10. and 24.11.


The price of the workshop includes the material costs. Capacity is limited to 15 children in a group.

entry: 10 € / 50 € all dates