Wednesday at 8:00 PM


entry: 4 € / 2 € ticket

directed by Abel Ferrara, BE, FR, IT, 2014, 81 min. English with French and Czech subtitles

Wednesday / 20.00 / Kino inak A4 / 4 € / 2 €


The biopic focuses on the dramatic end of the Italian filmmaker’s life in 1975. Pier Paolo Pasolini is in his fifties, having just finished filming his last film Salo or 120 Days of Sodom and going through the most turbulent phase of his already dramatic career. Everybody is against him – the public, film critics and the political elite. The reason for this is not only the shocking openness of his work but also his political activism. Despite the resistance of his close relatives, Pasolini embarks on filming another film – a film he will never finish.


entry: 4 € / 2 € ticket