Wednesday at 8:00 PM

Theater SKRAT : Aristocrats

entry: presale 9 € / at the door 10 € / reduced price 2 €

Autors and actors L. Fričová, D. Gudabová, N. Okoličányová, J. Belica, M. Chalmovský, Ľ. Burgr, music and direction Ľ. Burgr


Tragicomic stories about the belief that we are exceptional – but also about degeneration, syphilis (which you can apparently pray for) and about a helpless old man in a wheelchair, who still can become the best father ever – but perhaps only to an unborn child. Despite all of the above – it’s a comedy.


The new play Aristocrats. Stories from better society is another play by the Theatre SkRAT, which was created collectively. It is loosely linked with the work of A.P. Čechov to which the authors and actors added to as they pleased.


The play was supported by the Slovak Arts Council and Bratislava Regional Funding Scheme.

entry: predpredaj 9 € / na mieste 10 € / 2  € zľavnené

entry: presale 9 € / at the door 10 € / reduced price 2 €