Tuesday at 8:00 PM

Debris Company: Hunger

entry: 10 € / 7 € reduced

Text P. Lomnický, directed by, music by J. Vlk, choreography S. Vlčeková, light design, set design J. Ptačin, visual cooperation A. Zelina, camera F. Figel, costumes A. Pojezdálová, technical supervision J. Čabo, starring L. Barilíková Spišáková, J. D. Minárik, D. Raček, production M. Širáňová


Loosely based on Knut Hamsun, in English with Slovak subtitles. 

The hunger eats you from within / doesn’t let you go / ties you to yourself / tells you what to feel / you are confused / alert / anxious / paranoid / Madness / things don’t mean, what they mean / weird life of the senses, secret of nerves in the starved, searching and conflicted body

entry: 10 € / 7 € reduced