Wednesday at 7:00 PM

Discussion_A4: Jesus Year of democracy in Slovakia

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Discussers Z. Kusá, Institute of Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, Z. Maďarová, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences Comenius University and Aspekt, D. Želinský, Institute of Sociology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen, dramaturgy and moderation B. Smieška


Why does democracy face such a devastating level of dissatisfaction and mistrust in our country? What character and identity has it acquired in Slovakia in more than three decades? On what solid foundations did we manage to build it? Why are the voices creatively projecting the ideals of freedom, equality and justice as the basic moral attributes of democratic society not being heard? Why did we become a democracy without shared ideals and without a broader social vision? How much does the current state of our society threaten the sustainability of democracy and what can help strengthen and develop it?

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