Sunday at 8:00 PM

Tears of Janko Borodáč: Kramer vs. Kramer

entry: 9 € pre-sale / 10 € at the venue / 2 € reduced

based on A. Corman, direction and adaptation J. Rázusová, dramaturgy and editing M. Turošík, set design and costumes D. Strauszová, music M. Husovský, videoart J. Mydla, light design L. Katuščák, produkcia L. Durkáčová, účinkujú Z. Kvasková, T. Mischura, M. Husovský


Is it possible to stop being someone’s parent in the same way it is possible to stop being someone’s partner? Do people nowadays have children because it’s nice, rewarding? Do they consider it to be the necessary way to fulfill the partnership? If the mother or the father lives alone with the child, do they still form a family? What had once seemed socially shocking is nowadays a common fact – incomplete or patchwork families, the crisis of the nuclear family, the high divorce rate. The play came out of the need to map out changes in the understanding and forms of today’s families and partnerships in comparison with the so-called traditional and the need to support the effort to redefine the family with respect to the present times and conditions.

entry: 9 € pre-sale / 10 € at the venue / 2 € reduced