Monday at 8:00 PM


entry: 4 € pre-sale / 3 € reduced / 5 € at the venue

Directed by Marie Kreutzer, AT, LU, DE, FR, 2022, 113 min., German language with Czech subtitles

Fictional retelling of one year in the life of the empress Sissi. The year is 1877 and her 40th birthday is approaching. Chained by her social status and harsh criticism from her surroundings she has not many reasons to celebrate. She wants to keep her young appearance which leads her to lock her body into an increasingly tight corset. What a life could she lead, if she would only get rid of the conventions and pedantic scrutiny of the Viennese court? The director Marie Kreutzer brings a timeless story about a courageous woman and her undying wish for freedom – lead by Vicky Krieps as the rebelling queen deciding to take her fate into her own hands. 

“She only really smiles when she sees her dogs and is completely devastated when they have to shoot the horse that threw her down.” (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian)

entry: 4 € pre-sale / 3 € reduced / 5 € at the venue