Thursday at 8:00 PM

Dirty Electronics & Tim Shaw: Transmission Lines (UK, Opal Tapes), ABACAXI (FR/D)

entry: presale 7 € / 5 € reduced / at the venue 10 € / 7 € reduced

Unusual evening offers two different audio visual experiences – different in genre yet connected in their use of interaction of sound and light. Trio ABACAXI – originally founded by guitarist Julien Desprez – brings a new incarnation of the classical rock ensamble guitar/bass guitar/drums. Whether we call their style avant-rock, noise rock or else – the sharp edges, unexpected cracks and broken rhythms guarantee cathartic energy, powered by pulsating light elements. 

Transmission Lines is a performance for sparks, electromagnetic spectrum and social interaction by a duo of two experienced British artists, working with DIY aesthetics: Dirty Electronics (John Richards) and Tim Shaw. Their unorthodox instruments are made out of everyday objects transformed into conductive electrodes: scrap metal, tin cans, homemade coils or radios create intense electric discharges and sounds.

entry: presale 7 € / 5 € reduced / at the venue 10 € / 7 € reduced