Wednesday at 8:00 PM

A Happy Man

entry: pre-sale 4 € / 3 € reduced / at the venue 5 €

Directed by Soňa G. Lutherová, SK, CZ, 2023, 81 min., Slovak language

The film starts with Czech graphic designer and writer Marvin Horvat reminiscing about his recent past Gothenburg, Sweden, where he lived as an ordinary Czech woman in a relationship with her Slovak psychiatrist husband Ivan and their two children. Family was supposed to be almost predictable. But thanks to writing queer novels, Marvin had gradually revealed and got to know himself. More and more intensely he felt the need to be who he really is – a man. “The overwhelming feeling of being in the wrong package is so intense and painful that I can’t stand it. I might be able to survive, but I would hate that kind of life. I would really hate it. I would survive, for the children, if I had to. But I would hate my life.” he said honestly.

entry: pre-sale 4 € / 3 € reduced / at the venue 5 €