Saturday at 7:00 PM

Theatre LUDUS: History of Violence

entry: 15 €

Translation A. Černáková, script B. Chovancová, M. Kubran, directed by B. Chovancová, dramaturgy M. Kubran, set design and costumes A. Chrtková, light design M. Pavelková, music D. Šimek, movement D. Raček, technology E. Mikuš, M. Pavelková, starring T. Bolo, M. Chalány, A. Palatínusová, J. Švec

Based on a novel by Édouard Louis Histoire de la violence / © 2016 Édouard Louis / all the rights reserved / published by Editions du Seuil in 2016.

Histoire de la violence by Édouard Louis, author of autobiographical novels, is above all authentic and analytical record of his own encounter with violence. As someone who had survived rape and an assassination attempt, he refuses to identify with the label of “victim of violence”. He himself experiences and describes post-traumatic stress, secondary victimization and his own way out of the trap. 

My pain, my injury, my fear – they all became a material, the content of the investigated case of violence, the base of my medical report, my police record – they became a court case. It was important to create literature out of this case, to firmly grip on my own story, to have it in my own hands, to become the main actor of my real, my own story. From the object of violence I became a subject of storytelling.

Financially supported by Slovak Art Council.

entry: 15 €